Monday, February 28, 2005


Verde despierto de un buen sueño al parecer donde todo esta bien o estoy llegando o donde queria llegar.Despierto de un buen descanso de un fin de semana pesado. Y es de esas veces en las que bajas por un vaso de agua y mmm ni eso encuentras asi que el viaje hasta la cocina ya fue un fracaso y bueno la escala tecnica enel baño pues resulta que si era necesaria chas pues bueno el flashaso de luz que achica los ojos. en fin
Quiero dormir...
no puedo...
eso no es bueno como te explico.
PUes bueno mi cabeza esta llena de tantas cosas, algunas bu enas algunas malas mmmm... que shit.BUeno ultima solucion tele, ya deben ser poco mas de las 3 tirandole a las 4 y cacho chaz.Pues bueno me chuto una movie ya empezada ademas de que en otro canal estan los angeles de charlie pero ya va en la parte que bueno para que les cuento no la vi(aunque ya la habia visto)Bueno fuck ccreo que ahi voy pudiendome dormir..
bueno pues

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I'll be your Luke Danes

Maybe there could be guy who will give you a 1000 roses but il be the one who give you one and last
or maybe longer than expect...
Ill be the one who will wait you forever and be standing in that coffe shop just for a glimps of you.
Ill be the one pouring your tea in your mornings an d trying to make you a nice day while your still in your pjs.
Ill be your luke Danes when my outfit is always the same jeans tshirt and shaveless look and will never be good chosing a gift.
ANd can become your handyman whenever you need me ...
Ill keep thinking about you everyday and meybe deny it for a while but still
I'll try to be me for you
Ill try to be the luke danes for her lorelai gilmore and try to do my best for being your Gustavo Hinojos for his ...

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tratando de estudiar

Heme aqui otra ves con este pinche vicio de la compu y bueno depeus de salir un rato en bici para salir a comprar un libro que porcierto no salio mucho muy barato y bueo una vista a la biblioteca tambien.Y bueno empezando el estres para el proximo fin de semanaasi que bueno pues al momento no hay mas que decir
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Monday, February 21, 2005

Latas 2005

La FLor de Liz mas grande del MundoTHe Last week end in Mexico City the scouts of Mexico (ASMAC) got all together to colect over a million cans to make the shape of a Liz Flower the world scout simbol.And all the cans were sold to donate all the funds to help the tsunami affected people, by the World Scout Bureau foundation.It was a had week end colecting them all and was a hard labor and all was possible thanks to all the mexican scouts involved in puting all together to form this great project.

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世界の缶2005 年が付いている最も大きいLiz の花- メキシコシティ

Liz の花の形に世界の偵察者のsimbol を作るためにメキシコシティの最後の週の端は百万の缶上のcolect にメキシコ(ASMAC) の偵察者すべてを一緒に得た。そして津波によって影響された人々を助けるために資金すべてを寄付するように缶すべては世界の偵察者局の基礎によって販売された。それはそれらをすべてcolecting 持たれていた週の端、堅い労働であり、すべてはすべてをにこのすばらしいプロジェクトを形作るために一緒にputing かかわったすべてのメキシコ偵察者のおかげで可能なだった。

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

BUenos AIres - Day 3

Well i get up not to early but just kinda waiting for the car of the production to pick me up and take me to puerto madero.
We kinda get lost between boca and puerto madero and finally we get to the entrance of this beatifull natural park were they were shooting ROsalbas scenes and well I just hang there for a while until they wrap there and we move to the next location like 2 blocks away.
It was really sunny and well lots of nice girls and well it tokk us just like 3 hours or less.
We get some meal and we took of i had the chance to help this actres with her mexican accent or more neutral accent.
After they take me to the hotel after a while i took a walk to the recoleta center were well there was like an corean exposition and some brazilian-argentinan drawings and cool stuff.
In the back part of that museom there was some tango lessons tha t i just watch for a while.
I took off and had a dejavu outside but keeo walking and then back to the recoleta village and get some mac do.
I realized I spend most of that evening walking but well that was cool i had to go back cause the next day i was leaving to Uruguay joojojo another stamp in my pasport jojojo.
So well i go back an prepare my stuff and start writing some post cards and cause i was really tired i fell asleep.

Monday, February 14, 2005

En B.A.

Saben ando en buenos aires argentoinas esta d eno maaaaaaa pero ya debo ir a dormir que pocoa madre bueno ailas

Buenos Aires -Day 2

Well wake up was a difficult task but well really posible after a really nice breakfast cause i couldn't have more meal than the macdonalds stop , i had an omellete and a beef steak.ANd we took off to the clothing rehersal or well we went to recoleta hollywood were we have to try on some clothes for the film.THat took a while and we got the chance to talk for a while with some of the crew members, and hang out.After we finish they took us to the hotel and we took of to walk and go to the scout shop that was actually closed but we could visit the headquartersand have a small tour given by a cute girl named jessica and took some pics there. After our tour we keep on until the 9 de julio av and get till the obelisc.We took a taxi to visit The Boca, and go to the caminito that is this neighborhood that all the houses are painted in several colors and also we were espectators of a tango show in the street.We didint stay long cause it didnt look very safe and we head to Puerto Madero were we have a great meal for the food not the service but the place was great.We walk just alittle outside and hit it back to thew hotelPosted by Hello

Sunday, February 13, 2005

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Buenos Aires-Day 1

Well my first day after the arrival to BA after thy pick us to the Hotel in Callao avenue really close to the Sta Fe avenue in the concord hotel were we had to wait till the room was cleared and cleaned out. So meanwhile Rosalba, Pablo and me we decided to take a hike and go outside while Nacho waited there till everthing was ready.
(Well ok Rosalba is a singer and actress, and ´Pablo is her manfriend, and well Nacho is a guy from argentina who pick-us up at the airport and brought us there to the airport he works for the production . :)
And we start walking all the way in STa Fe and we get into thi beatifull church with all this paintings but made of small bricks or I dont know well they are nice.
ANd keep on pass the 9 de julio avenue and go on until Florida street were is a pedestrial street with lots of stores and stuff like that and cause you know always plane food sucks and the breakfast was specially awfull well we crash into the macdonalds fisrts originally for an ice cream(well actually a sundae ) and then keep watching stores
But you know somthing I really HATE SHOPPING i really do ...
well finnally we sit down in this coffe in the corner of a street and afterward we go back to the hotel.
We hit the shower and rest a little bit and after wards i went to the pool wow that was nice.
Cause it was sunday i went to the Village Recoleta not far from my location and buy some small souvenirs, and watch some street tango while talking to an old ladie and her grand-child and tasting the "Mate" (don't like it ).
And on my way back i had a ciber small sesion just to check maisl and stuff and tell my parents on what room i was in.
Well coming back and being a little tired my plans was to going to hang out in Puerto Madero but well the lack of companie didnt made that posible.
And leter I went to bed...

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Encargate de no ser marcado proque cuando yo seas parte del sistyema habra valido madre lo que luchaste afuera de el procura respirar el aire que te rodea y empeiza abrir los ojos ante la belleza que te p´resenten dia con dia no tengas miedo deenfrentala y perderte pro el ehehco de hacerlo
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Thursday, February 10, 2005

WIshing I was there

As every day i was wishing i could be around you and well surfing around i even found you again, it had to be you cause it would be many coincidence if it wasn't you.
WHat can a poet write to make you smile or even to take your breath away just with a word or two.
WHat could had made a difference in my everday morning if you would think just alittle about me, and if im good or simple how Im i doing.
I don't now what can i do but being alone i can find there myself, maybe just for a while, scape away from myself, just for a while.
I wonder if its possible to try this look in my darkest corner, or in my brightest though, maybe a little of french or spanish in my tongue.
I know we had problems but i can remember one...
Trying to figure how could it be, and wondering why i can't take you out of my head, heart & soul. Feeling frustrated for another meaningless day with a shaveless
I don't know how long I been doing this but well what matters if it has been for a while.
I'm still on Japan time but well nothing that a taco can't fix or even better a burritos sesion.
Just sure , and really piss off as usual, my stupid habits as usual...
Don't tell me you take the time to learn the language, your voice to understand you, just a phrase just a word or letter to feel you closer.
It looks like I'm losing again but well what else is new not to surprise me just a vain feeling of what could it be, of what does the sky looks like when I'm in my red sweater next to you just for the reason of be.
What a rainy day can be without my umbrella but just holding your hand or holding you next to me not to lose the heat.
Do we already know each other or is just my inmagination again, just a dream maybe as every night when you come walking in them(my dreams).

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Inauditous es mexicano pero porque no hacer un especie de banner donde pudiera incluir en mio blog de YMIPOLLO:COM donde pues ahi esta linkeado y eso es merol pues bueno aqui nomas haciendo espacio

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Thursday, February 03, 2005

YOur sweet smell is missing me

How do you smell when you smile and make me feel complete , or when we walk around in the city. Just all the times you fall asleep in my shoulder and I was huging you.
I miss your smell everyday cause i miss your smile ...
I miss to smell like you cause I been so much time with you that now i smell like you and i dont want it to fade away.

Is not your smell, just thinking about how you smell when you are around me when you make me feel so happy and how all your hugs smell so good. Posted by Hello

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The mexican contingent to the world scout moot in wish one of those few ocasion in wich we get all together in halien in the main stage were some of the closing ceremonies took places and the welcome to hualien as well Posted by Hello

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Getting STarteD

Just a normal wednesday and getting up more space on internet may se like somthing nice to do during the night. Tired of writing nonesense mails, very important indeed but with a huge lack of inspiration and don't knowing why i have to write in english in this space, its seem right.

Some shity tv right now no more south park or simpsons but yes some lame videos, but they do the trick.
no more light but this emptines as always, tommorow some sex, some meaningless sex but well what can i do, some rutine as always.
Run a few laps get swedy, and try to practice french get into the traffic jams and come back late night, watch some lame tv and sleep really late.
what a normal life
But well we are just getting started...
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