Sunday, July 10, 2005

Msn Filososphi

One is simple basically is connected to msn to platicar with somebody that already knows unlike which it comes being a common Chat. One puts including not platicar with somebody, because it does not want or because this fought with that person but the knowledge that this in line and that person I could not speak sometimes with one is sufficient. Including the long hours that many of us we happened the computer in front of through those platicas that can be presented/displayed here adorned with many gestures animated that in many case we cannot do them and that adorns our platica, by but which some adults of our short phrases say, that is filled until doing, a long heap of words and until philosophies sometimes. I connected those long hours for those beautiful platicas, long and tended, to greet and to make stupidities in the Web Cám. And to try to make that person smile. Unexpected tricks of magic that were allowed by lag that had the image of the camera. Including it practices it constant of foreign languages that to me msn presents/displays, and until in spite of hating the computer that that you can offer you towards remaining. I write these lines while I listen Ricardo Arjona, and some songs of that sad style that are something and that a magic trick, or a kiss helped to smile. This sometimes is source of planning and communication to be able to formulate those plans reality. At the moment my Web Cám. no longer this connected, single because it gives to flojera connecting me it, to install that stupid program. Because no longer I have those platicas, because no longer there are those tricks of magic, because the kept awake ones no longer already matter and inclusively I improve the connection to Internet that diminishes lag and that passes everything so that... This is the philosophy of msn Messenger, and because the one of yahoo because sincerely he is very complicated and I it does not like but this...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I was walking in Xalapa when i found this thing to be photograh and well again yestarday by the phone a friend of mine tell me she was gald that im so happy.
Is funny to think im always happy or the other coment they envy my life and they would love to have my life, and i think to myself "they better think better of what they wish cause maybe, this isn't a great wish".
And what else is as always gettoing really late and im stil here with nothing great to do just babling around about this shity situation.
ANd how the emptynes will fill my soul eventhough there are some good landscapes in my road, and Im looking around not to lose of those great things in my pad.

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