Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It feels like a sweet escape

Just waiting to be hurt

listening to music that fucks with my emotions every time, just a long time ago since my last post.

Many things happen in such a short time happy miserable ends, stupid mistakes and starnge stuff kjust going around.

Fans in school

lots of exams presentations and food degustation, (Im not complainig)

actually it feels good to be doing somthing usefull with my time.

Im escaping my reallity in a short time for a while in a white chef best or in a pink tshirt.

Hows things going with everybody, you know there are lots of people in my life conected to my by one or other reason, so I can see in the Hi5

old school mates from the primary school wow those old times.

everyone is so big and old jejeje well not old, the new last summer friends such and awsome time.

The friends of my brother and sister thar some how become mines as well and my friends who are also firends with my brothes and sis.

My cirlce of life

well what else can i say is 2007 and i know shit or nothing at all of some people that i use to consider really important in my life who in a certain way made a difference in my but hell i know shit about them

Some others who keep me aroung and Im happy and thankfull for that cause they take certain care of me.

Im in an endless hole of shity morality in in the hole.

I want to get away

get away.....

Im just a little weak on my feet
Just a little musical in my jead thinking of someone with some songs like im riding in Refora avenue with the volume all up.
A cowboy hat in my head some crazy hair and a 4 days beard
just clavado en un bar
drown in your soul and so alone that im losing my mind, burn by your fire
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