Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Global Development Village

The first Global Development Village took place at the 17th World Scout Jamboree in the Republic of Korea in 1991. Since then, the concept has evolved, moving from the status of a free-time activity to a module of the Jamboree Programme. The activities have benefited from the experience of contributions from the different host countries, international and local organisations, and from collaboration between the Scout Movement and the United Nations. Throughout its development the aim has remained the same: to enable young people to become “citizens of the world”.

The IST logo

The IST logo
Anyone wondering what the IST logo represents might be interested in the following:
The diamond comes from the diamond of the Jamboree Logo
The rainbow picks up from the background designs for the Jamboree - representing the full range of people in the world
The dove represents peace and is used on all the World Centenary Logos
The 'EIST' is a mixture of the French and English translations:
Español - Equipo Internacional de Servicio (EIS)
English - International Service Team (IST)
French - L'Équipe Internationale de Service (EIS)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

10 Jobs for Party Animals

10 Jobs for Party AnimalsBy Candace Corner, writer Wherever you go, the bouncers, bartenders and club owners all seem to know you by name. Your phone list is packed with "celebutantes" you address on a first name basis, and you never seem to miss the after-party's after-party.So how do you construct your life around a full-time day job and still having the energy and time to party like the rockstar you are? Here are 10 ways to work it while you're working:

1. Event PlannerWhat they do: Professionally plan parties and other events.Why they party: Event planners have to know every aspect of the parties or events they are planning, including the guest list. What it pays: The median annual salary is $35,000.*

2. BartenderWhat they do: Mix and serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.Why they party: Drinks, with alcohol or without, go with every party setting. What it pays: The median annual salary is $23,400.

3. Booking ManagerWhat they do: Book and make the final arrangements for bands to play at venues and concert events.Why they party: Whether working in-house or freelance, bookers are usually hired for their network contacts. Bands need a contact for when and where to play their gigs, and the public wants to know them because they know the bands.What it pays: The median annual salary for bookers with one to four years of experience is $45,000.

4. Disc JockeyWhat they do: Spin prerecorded music at clubs, venues or on the radio.Why they party: They control the feel of the party: What they spin keeps the atmosphere up or brings it down. If they are a radio disc jockey, they play requests and selections to keep up the ratings of the radio stations they work for, and make appearances at company-sponsored events and concerts.What it pays: The median annual salary for a disc jockey employed by a radio station is $30,000. Self-employed or club disc jockeys generally make less because their earnings are determined by their public following, talent, self-promotion and the budgets of the venues and clients that hire them.

5. Nightclub ManagerWhat they do: Assist in and oversee the operations of their hotspots.Why they party: Their job is about making the party. The choices they make for music, decorations, marketing and hiring all contribute to whether the place will be popular or deserted.What it pays: The median annual salary is $41,500.

6. Bouncer/DoormanWhat they do: Review identification cards at entryways, manage the guest capacity and kick out troublemakers.Why they party: As an extension of management, bouncers decide who is allowed in the venue and who is staying outside. What it pays: The median annual salary for bouncers who are employed at bars, nightclubs or restaurants is $30,000.

7.Travel GuideWhat they do: Lead tourists around to see the highlighted points of interest in an area.Why they party: Their job is to show the visitors where to go to have fun and know about the area.What it pays: The median annual salary is $30,000.

8. Promotions ManagerWhat they do: Direct promotional programs to increase public awareness and sales. Why they party: To create buzz for the product or venue they are promoting, they'll create the party often with discounts, special events and incentives.What it pays: The median annual salary is $63,610.

9. Talent ScoutWhat they do: Find and develop new talent for their industry, which may include music, sports or acting. Why they party: A talent scout hangs out in locations where they are likely to find new talent in their industry. This means scouting hot events, clubs and parties.What it pays: The median annual salary is $45,000.

10. PublicistWhat they do: They handle the press releases, promotion and other publicity aspects to get the word out about their clients.Why they party: Publicists maintain the relationship between the celebrities and everyone else. From making media decisions to handling personal requests, they play a role in determining where their clients go, what they say and how they are portrayed. What it pays: The median annual salary is $39,940.*Salary information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and

Monday, September 11, 2006

Scouts News-camping rover

Scout News- Rovers Camping

El fin de semana todo el clan se reunio para salir de campamento al parque de los ciervos en el estado de Mexico.
Un campamento para hacer refelexiones y trabajar en equipo y l oportunidad para reunirnos y poder hacer lo que los scouts sabemos hacer mejor salir de campamento.
Aprovechando el escenario se dio la entrega de un escuderato, al nuevo Escudero Scout Geronimo Hinojos.
Se conto con la participacion de 12 personas y fue una buena experiencia para todos.
Clan de Rovers y Precursoras del Grupo Scout 154

Scout News- Megalopolis

Scout News - La Megalopolis 2006

El grupo con la comunidad de caminantes asistio a esta actividad que se realizo a las espaldas de las oficinas nacionales de los scouts de hecho contando con la asistencia de distintas patrullas y comunidades y hasta una patrulla de guias.
La cita fue alas 8 30 peroclaro noempezo a esa hora y bueno as patrullas empezaron a salir como a eso de las 10 o un poco mas tarde .
Hubo distintas bases por varios puntos d ela ciudad y bueno en general los caminantes terminaron cansados y divertidos.

Monday, September 04, 2006


Estaba checando por ahi algo de os playmobil que tenia de niño y bueno eso fue un poco de lo que pude encontrar en linea.

Alguno de estos sets fueorn los que tenia y de hecho alguna vez llegue a formar una ciudad no tan bonita como las que habia en los super mercados pero perfecta para mi para jugar, lastima que no habia disney channel noi art atack en ese momento que me pudo haber dado unas super ideas para poder hacer realidad esa idea de maqueta tipo las revistas playmobil per o que chida era.
De hecho hasta habia unplastico que cubria la ciudad pero mmm bueno un dia en una de nustras fiestas infantiles una amiga penso que se podian sentar y podia aguantar y lo rompieron.
Toda esta ciudad la teniamos en un balcon de la casa era tan chido eso.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Blogs MéXico

Una comunidad como muchas otras pero con el sabor a México, bueno acabo de meter o tratar de meter este blog a esa comunidad y pues como la verdad a pesar de que escribo en ingles frances y bueno español estoy re orgulloso de ser Méxicano, de pertenecer a tan bella tierra y como dirian por ahi, dios se tardo 7 dias en hacer el mundo pero se ve que se tardo un poco mas en México.
Espero que esto siga siendo de su agrado porque hay mas fotos y debrayes por venir.

An internet comunity as many others but with the mexican flavor, well i just tried to put my blog in this comunity and eventhought i write in english, french and spanish im really proud of being Mexican, and to belong to this beautifull land.
Blogs México BloGalaxia Licencia de Creative Commons