Wednesday, June 14, 2006

the worst way to miss someone is been right next to it and knowing you can't have her

en la playa
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just took this pic last week but it gaves me certain lonelyness feeling
What happnd when you are next to a person and you now she is unreachable, or maybe you become the unreachable one and we dont even now it.
But well just wondering...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

de regreso en la carreterra

de regreso en la carreterra
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I was thinking a lot...

We went on a road trip to normandia, we spent mostly of the evening going over there and well the rest of it in the beach.
This beach didn't had sand instead rocks in small sizes, but really uncoftable for bare feet.
The water was fucking cold but nice to play and splash with others.
We ate over there and wait until 12o'clock to celebrate Ingas Birthday(a german girl who just turn 20).
Actually I talk to here about trips and what waz my point of view of life, and that travelling is my style of living , that i love to go around the world, and maybe it somtimes sound pretensious but the cool thing is true ...
I've been to many places and yestarday i was there in a rock beach in Normandi, where i spent the sunset and the night until today and come back.
Simple things in life may be the answer to happines, and yestarday i was balancing rocks, was throwing rocks into the ocean for several reasons, to make noices when they were many and they splash, to throw it as far as posiible or to make it bounce in the water.

We discuss in french german and english about the polar star, and wheres is north from where we where and stuff like that.
I wake up at the perfect time to catch the colors of the morning, and se its reflection in the other side of this beach.

The trip back home was quite calm, we stop in a mac donalds so the girls could go into the toilet but they all get a cofee I got an icecream...
I read big part of the way trying not to fallasleep not because of the book beacuese i was tired maybe it was a kinda cold night...

WHat I am looking for ...
actually I wasn't expecting to see that beach but i was there for a small second I was'nt going on that road trip and my gift was a goergeus colorfull awakening.

I dont intent to lose my way of looking things and get impress by things, small things that we think we have see or maybe it seems like is the first time...
Its always my first time today...


(Im alone today I don't know tommorrow but thanks for everthing, what a fucking amazing sunrire, what a great soccer match, and keep smiling please, iluminate my world...)

Friday, June 09, 2006

tu rock es votar

tu rock es votar
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World Democracy education your rock is to vote, a mexican campain to make young people to go and vote.
This days mexico is living a political change that started six years ago, with the last presidential election. Young people has the right to expres themselves and voting is a really important way of saying what they want for their country.



Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What looks like...

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Somtimes somthing look alright eventhought it dosent.
Don't trust everthing you see cause behind every photo every imamge there is a non telled story.
Two people sitting together smiling is not necesary what it look like, maybe look again; watch the details and try to find out more of whats not written.
Just a stupid chines coffee shop nothing else no more, Just hanging out with marion, elise, mario??? or who the hell they were just not to be alone with me.

High hopes , a long silence yestarday that told me many things, to cold a monitor to finish the sentence...
Not your eyes not mines were together at the moment...
Im sorry im really am...i mean no harm,

Monday, June 05, 2006


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imagen en chino de un mundo una promesa

Saturday, June 03, 2006

L'equipe de le stand SGDF

Today we were at the Salle de la paix a reunion of many organizations that work in for peace education.
The stand of the scouts and guides of france was part of this expo but the internacional team of jambville work with them to develope a peace activity.
So we have a great day at the Cité a museum and convention center in Paris a really intresting place to visit an during a Convention like this is even more intresting.
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