Thursday, September 27, 2007

feria de tourismo

well we have a gastronomic presentation by some schools and also we had long lines to taste a little bit of what they did some cakes some meat and also some rice with milk (arroz con leche) very good some soda or water but after a really long lines and no real place to seat down cause all tables were taken.

Mexico city mayor, as fast as he get here just to say some words he was gone but it was nice ;
Tourism is a big deal for mexico city and we are focusing our efforts to improve it and make it better.
Follow by a big groups of bodyguards and photografers and camara mans and well guys like me with camaras ass well trying to get a good shoot but well my zoom and my camara settings were not to good so here are some i get.

and well to finish a nice day we had some wine tasting with a guy who was a lttle bit dipsy after having to the same job for like 5 or 6 times with different groups, but it was funny to see him cause we were the last wine testing sesion.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

a mexico city normal day

well i had a nice group of older people that do a voluntary work for all the tourists around the main street call reforma so they help tourist with brochures of all sort of kinds and with a good smile and attitude.

But also you can find some protest next to the building of Gobernacion, but well they just cause some trafic jams on Cuauhtemoc avenue and cause some detours cause the police close the street but any way and to have a nice day
at the end on my way home you can see some cool colors on the top of the second floor of the street
so basically tou have to have a positive attitude cause you never know what you can find here.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


I word i learn from a really cool group tha i lead a hike to the hupper hut in uschinen valley.
they gave me thei piece of wood in the hupper hut with the lyrics from a song we keep singing on ou way up.
and the next day we had a climbing workshop and had a great time Bryn Tomas was there as well helping in the climbing workshop.
So i still have a great memorie of this guys and our stay there.
cheers folks and tak very much
sel tak

Fiesta de Valeko

Friday, September 21, 2007

Cause i drive you crazy

i was having this long conversation and hope that this song descrives basically how do i feel and in words somtime i cant exppres it
so cheers

Monday, September 17, 2007

Carefree careless

what me worry just chilling as it should be just hanging around and having a good time, tell me what me worry just sending some pics around.
helping my ego just to later on somday have another obnoxios conversation with a neighbor that aparently really know me really good.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

just like the beggining

I was just watching a little bit how was the start at Kis in our rooms but how they look after jejej but it was good fun as coen always say but also i had great room mates Soren and Brett so it was part of the good experience.
SOmetime soren was a little of time and didnt get the signs on the door but okay no problemo

Thursday, September 13, 2007

i loved my black jacket

this was a really powerfull jacket that climbers and hikers used during our work so it was pretty cool to wear them here i am with sidse and katey on a chessery hike in the long stop in the waterfall

just chilxing a little bit in the top of the chessery in the cool view point

with our group and an ex pinkie as a scout leader
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