Monday, July 31, 2006

Le overture du Jamboree

Cette ressemblement de jeunes de tout la france cest un fete de paix.
With more than 15000 scouts from all over france that came together to jambville to expres themselfs in this jamboree that pretends to express and exploite all their talents.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

tengo tanto que no tengo nada

Estoy como que perdido y bueno en este momento esta es la unica flecha qiue puedo ver no es un mal dia manan empieza el jamboree.
Muchas fotos a tomar ese es el plan.
Y bueno 15 personas no sun mal numero para aislarse aun mas no creen.
disfrutado al maximo
es tarde hoy deberia ya estar dormido.
no tengo escusa y se reduce el tiempo.

Mis responsabilidades...

Mis sentires y mi forma de vadir todo eso, la forma de pararse en un escenario no importando cual, y no importando el publico, posiblemente al final tendran que salir los payasos, siempre hay una manera de distraer al publico si algo sale mal no.
Porque no ver un poste con una dirrecion aunque no podamos ver las demas. Todo esta bien mira que lindo perro con esos payasos.
A que risa...
SOmbras nocturnas, ya manana ...
ya hoy
Around House
Naciyaga donde estas???
que viene manana hey, que pasa que tengo que hacer, mi trabajo es trabajo,
Fuck off
shlampe du merde arret tes conneries
ca me enerve mon travaile ce fait et putain...
just fuck off

fuck you...
fuck you very much.

Monday, July 17, 2006

the new logo

I was in kandersteg when a new change of almost everthinh happend in kandersteg.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Jambville ;French Tradition, nature and scouting

This International Formation Center located in the northwest of paris just 40km away from Versailles, in the heart of the natural parc of Vexin.
The castle of Jambville extends on a property from 52 hectares entirely closed. Its many dependences make a property with the rich and varied attractions of it. The architecture of the castle combines various styles and various times

The exceptional site of the property of Jambville and its 52 hectares of full nature will allow the visitors to have games and activites for the young people, natural weekends, training courses, and really big gatherings.

Just this year the Scouts and Guides of France gathered their scout leaders and volunteers in a big event named "Racontes Nationales". Almost 6 000 participants between young people and adults came from all france for the week end of 6,7 and 8 of may.

Also every 2 years Jambville hosts the FRAT a massive catholic reunion that gatherer almost 12.000 young people from the french region of Ile-de-France. In addition to the mobilization of all the equipment of the castle, a tent of 5 000 m² is drawn up for the event. The service covers lodging, the restoration and the provision of spaces of animation.

Jambville as an International Formation Centers recives each year more than 2 000 assistants to workshops and formations. The center has the infrastructures necessary to accomodate simultaneously more than 12 formations: 27 conference rooms, 200 beds in rooms or dormitory, a refectory of 400 places.

The Jambville Team proposes various activities within the property among which:
-natural discovery of the flora
-guided historical visits of the castle
-races of orientation

Scouts de France, since their creation, always organized gatherings. These multiple experiments allowed the Center formation to obtain with powerful materials and a team qualified and ready to take up all the challenges.

15000 young people of 11-15 years find themselves in Jambville of July 28 at August 1. Scouting invites them to reveal their talents! During five days, more than 15 000 young people scouts and old guides from 11 to 15 years will find themselves to camp in the park of the castle, center of formation and activity of association. This immense meeting will be, by the means of activities and of taken care, the means for these young people of learning, of dividing, of requesting and especially of having fun.

How is held this jamboree?
The park will be composed of 8 Spaces talents devoted to 8 different topics: the international solidarity, communication, meetings or the artistic expression. Within these spaces talents, activities will be proposed to the teenagers. On the whole, it is more than 600 activities which will be proposed to the 15 000 participants. They will learn for example the mysteries from Asia and its traditions in a play of natural plate size or will discover the maritime trade of carpenter while being tested with the construction of a boat.

"It is convenient that each generation of Scouts sees at least a large gathering of young people" Baden-Powell

Friday, July 07, 2006

Kandersteg Internacional Scout Center

I arrive just a few days ago I travelled all night from paris to swiss and well it was kinda triky to get here due to all the burocratics things i had to do in france with the scout association.
But finally i leave jambville and take a night train to get here it was everthing and even morre than i had inmagined.
This scout center is run by volunters of many nations and all together work togehter in many differents tasks and changing and rotaint them so evervody gets to do somthing different every time.
Its really impresive to arrive here and find lots of people from so many differents nationalites and right now inm notr talking about the staff that is also an amazing work team but, some scout sfrom germany uk irland and so on, and for example yestarday one of the activities in the afternoon was pionering and it was made of international team competing and playing all together.
The thing about this place is tha it dosent matter if you are really skilled or not but to share the experoience of being here, just last week the new volunters finish their training in here(short term volunters).

Ill try to finish later

Monday, July 03, 2006

Je parle encore de le bafa parce que a etre un activitie tres amusant tres cool pour moi, partager avec des autres scouts est toujours un cool experience parce que ne importe pas la nationalite, religion o color du piel ila toujours un bon relacion et ausii avec les jeunes que ne sont pas scouts.
Moments de adventure, et de tout tranquilite mais auqii moments de rigoles et partager, travailler tout esnembmle comon bouble ponge o Mayte, o charles ingals, o Marry^popins, je seulment ne aime pas maite parce que je doit me lever plus tôt et ça ne me plait pas beacoup, mais pas grave toujours un bon chocolate chaud.

Je vais me escuzer si mon francais cest pas parfait. J'essayer de fait un bon blog et ecrit quemlque bon chose ici. Je espere que vous le visite souivant

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Participantes del Bafa

This can not be the end of a broken heartMiss you forever and ever if you
should fall apartI'm tired, I can't sleep... It feels like everything is
repeating itself.It feels like I'm falling apart, it feels like my pulse is
non-existent.And I miss holding your hand.

Bafa Overture

Le Bafa Overture a Jambville c'est finni mais pas grave merci mucho a tout le monde a être nikel super cool.
un peu de
tout que nous fait ici je vais essayer de metter tout les photos.
Merci mucho encore en fois super cool
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